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Custom Deck is an installation service that brings the latest trends and ideas to your backyard. You can now create the right ambiance for each season, event, or occasion at a fraction of the time and cost. We provide installation help from decking experts and offer complete installation.

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180+ Projects

180+ Projects

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Why stick with a dull, old-fashioned deck when you can have a custom design tailored to your preferences? Whether you want to recreate an idea you already love or come up with something completely unique, our decking experts use top-notch materials like PVCs and composites. This ensures you get a gorgeous, long-lasting surface that will endure over time.

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Types of Decks Offered

Hand-Scraped Finish Composite Deck


If you're looking for a long-lasting deck, composite decking is a great choice. It's made from a combination of wood fibers and recycled plastic (85-95%), creating a strong, low-maintenance, and splinter-free option. You won't have to worry about staining, allowing you more time to enjoy your deck. It's a durable and eco-friendly decking solution.


If you're seeking an alternative to composite decking, PVC decking is worth considering. It's an excellent investment due to its durability and low maintenance. You won't have to sand or stain it, saving you time and money. Additionally, it has a Class A flame spread rating and is suitable for fire-zone areas, making it an ideal choice.

PVC Deck

Comparing Solid vs.
Scalloped Bottom Decking


Surface Characteristics

Water Accumulation

Maintenance Needs


Solid Bottom Decking

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Stable and smooth for a sleek, uniform look.
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Prone to water accumulation, may need drainage solutions.
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Generally low maintenance, requires less frequent cleaning.
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Ideal for a sleek appearance but may need drainage solutions.

Scalloped Bottom Decking

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Reduces weight for easier installation and transportation.
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Efficient water drainage minimizes accumulation concerns.
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Grooves may collect debris, necessitating more frequent cleaning.
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Offers easier installation but requires more attention to debris cleaning.

Solid bottom decking offers a stable and smooth surface, giving your deck a sleek and uniform look. However, it can be prone to water accumulation and may require additional drainage solutions.

On the other hand, scalloped bottom decking reduces weight without compromising strength, allowing for easier installation and transportation. However, the grooves or scallops may collect debris and require more frequent cleaning.

It's important to consider these factors when choosing between solid bottom and scalloped bottom decking for your project.

solid bottom

solid bottom

scalloped bottom

Scalloped Bottom


Solid Bottom Decking

Scalloped Bottom Decking

Surface Characteristics

check mark black
Stable and smooth for a sleek, uniform look.
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Reduces weight for easier installation and transportation.

Surface Characteristics

Breaking Down the Costs of Building Decks in Marysville, WA

Planning To Build A Deck In Marysville, WA? Check Out Our Pricing Guide For Custom Deck Installation Costs!




Size: 12 by 12 FT
Stairless Deck with Aluminum Railing




Size: 20 by 14 FT
Custom Design, Convenient Stairs, and Optional Drink Railing




Size: 36 by 16 FT or 500 sqft
Hassle-Free Permitting, Custom Design, Drink Railing, Integrated Lighting, and Stylish Bench Seating

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The Advantages of Building a Custom Deck

Escape the limitations of pre-designed decks and embrace the freedom to choose from a vast selection of materials, designs, and styles. Tailor every aspect to fit your unique lifestyle, from decking materials and roofing types to railing styles.

By opting for a custom deck, you break free from limitations, maximizing the potential of your outdoor space. Our skilled deck installers are here to bring your vision to life, ensuring a tailored and durable result. Whether it's selecting the ideal materials or deciding on the perfect railings for your deck, we've got you covered.

Choosing a custom deck comes with lots of perks, like:

Personalized Deck Design - Make a deck that shows off your style, making the space feel totally yours.
Upgrade Shape, Size, or Material - Customize the deck's shape, size, and materials to fit your ideas, creating a unique and practical outdoor space.
Improve Safety and Function - Boost safety and usefulness by making smart choices in how you design and install the deck.

Ready to enhance your outdoor living experience with a custom deck installation? Let's discuss your preferences and make it happen!

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Got Questions About Installing Your Custom Deck? We've Got You Covered!

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions about installing a custom deck below:

What materials are suitable for a custom deck?

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When selecting materials for a custom deck in Washington, where frequent rain is a factor, choosing options that can withstand the weather is important. Composite decking is an excellent choice as it offers low maintenance, durability, and eco-friendly properties, making it ideal for the region's climate. Additionally, PVC decking is resistant to rot, moisture, and insects, making it suitable for Washington's frequent rain and dampness.

How do I choose the right design for my custom deck?

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When choosing the right design for your custom deck, there are some important things to remember. First, consider the size and shape of your outdoor space to ensure the deck fits well. Next, think about how you plan to use the deck - for entertaining guests, relaxing, or something else. It can be beneficial to talk to a professional deck designer for expert advice and various design options. Their experience and knowledge can help you get the most out of your outdoor area while meeting your needs.

What is the timeline for the Custom Deck installation?

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As we work on installing your custom deck, several factors affect the timeline. The design's complexity and the materials used are important considerations. However, as your reliable contractor, we will keep you informed about the permitting process and inspections. This transparency ensures that you have a clear understanding of the installation timeline and realistic expectations for the project.

What is the typical cost of installing a custom deck?

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The cost of a custom deck installation varies depending on factors like materials, installation, and size. Prices can range from $20,000 for a 12 by 12 ft deck to $70,000 for a 36 by 16 ft deck. At Legacy Decking, we offer a detailed estimate for transparency and informed decision-making. Remember, prioritizing reliability and quality ensures a deck that stands the test of time.

Will the custom deck installation require a permit?  

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Typically, when building a deck, you'll need a permit from your local government. No need to worry, though, because we've got your back! We will guide you through the permit process and ensure everything is in order before beginning work on the deck. We aim to obtain all necessary permits smoothly and without any trouble, so you can sit back and relax while we handle the paperwork.

Can I install a custom deck myself, or should I hire a professional?

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Installing a custom deck yourself is an option if you have the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge. However, hiring a professional ensures high-quality workmanship and compliance with building codes and provides peace of mind. At Legacy Decking, our team of experts is ready to handle all aspects of your custom deck installation, ensuring a smooth and successful project from start to finish.